Beer Review: Monteith’s IPA

The Monteith’s is one of the few foreign IPA’s available in the Icelandic liquor store Vínbúðin, not that they have so many Icelandic there either.

Monteith's IPA
Monteith’s IPA


I really think I should start importing some beers to this country!! If you own a good brewery or know one that would like to sell beer to Iceland, send me a message!

Monteith’s is a brewery from New Zealand and it is founded 1868. It used to be family owned but it is now owned by the DB Breweries (which is owned by Heineken International).

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How to remove beer labels

One of the most boring things to do in home brewing is to remove beer labels from used bottles.

How to remove beer labels
How to remove beer labels


When you start trying to remove beer labels from used bottles then you really start thinking if you should not just start kegging your beer.  Some of the labels can be so stuck it is just terrible, when I was in Denmark I found out that most of the bottles brewed there were quiet easy to get the labels off. But here in Iceland most of the breweries probably found a big shipment of some powerful superglue and are using it, except Gæðingur Brewery they are home brewer friendly.

What to do?

I normally start by just soaking the bottles in hot water and sometimes if you are really lucky then it is quiet easy to remove the beer labels after that. But if that is not going to work then you can use some other methods. Most households have baking soda in their kitchen, you can add that to small amount of water and put it on the labels, and in 30 minutes you should be able to scrub them off. For more stubborn labels I use OxiClean, just add that to the water and wait sometimes it is enough for an hour, but most of the time I just let it soak overnight.

I will come off, one way or another
I will come off, one way or another

Is it still not coming off?

Like for some of the beer bottles now that I am trying to remove beer labels from, they are just not coming off!! For them I just use steel wool and if I had it then I also would use razor blade.


My brewmaster uses different kinds of tools to remove beer labels
My brewmaster uses different kinds of tools to remove beer labels

How do you do it?

It would be fun to hear from others how do you remove beer labels and do you buy beers from breweries that are easier to remove the labels.

Everybody should have a beer Snapchat

Beer Snapchat is something that is getting more and more popular, and all the breweries should use it!

Beer Snapchat: NoBsBrewing
Beer Snapchat: NoBsBrewing


Why should breweries use Snapchat?

It is getting more common that brands are using Snapchat to promote their brand, by using Snapchat you can have more fun with your costumers and build up a better relationship with them. Craft beer consumers have not been know to be very brand loyal so this is a great way to try to get them to like your brand more and get them more interested in the craft beer culture. With Snapchat you can reach a audience which you might not be reaching with your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Icelandic beer Snapchat

Here in Iceland the brewery Ölvisholt has started to use this social media platform and I think that it is fun to watch what they are doing over there now, new owners and new beers coming out.

Ölvisholt have mostly been posting pictures and videos of every day things that you have to do in a brewery, brewing, bottling and of course tasting their products.

The newest brewery in Iceland The Brothers Brewery in Vestmannaeyjar, have also started to use Snapchat and I am really looking forward to see how they are going to use this platform to promote their brewery and probably their restaurant also.

Though that I do not have a commercial brewery or brew every day, then I decided to make a Snapchat account for my blog and my beer and brewing hobby. By doing so then the people that follow my personal snapchat do not have to watch something about beer all the time.

I hope to find more Scandinavian breweries to add to my snapchat and if you know about a good brewery or beer snapchat then let me know and I will put it on the list.

Beer Snapchat to add to your list:

Ölvisholt: olvisholt

The Brothers Brewery: brothersbrewery

No Bs Brewing: NoBsBrewing



Ægisgarður and the Icelandic Beer Day

In most nations beer has not been looked at as a danger to society, but in Iceland the parliament decided that this product and all other alcohol beverages should be made illegal. This law did not take effect until 1915. In the year 1935 strong alcohol and wine was made legal again but beer was still something that was not made legal. The beer was made legal again the 1. mars 1989 but then there were many people really afraid that when this dangerous beverage would be made legal again then the society would not be able function properly. People thought that everybody would start drinking all day long and not being able to do their jobs.

Now 27 years later many things have changed in the beer culture in Iceland, though that when the parliament is now talking about making beer legal in shops not owned by the government then the same talk has started that this will make the nation a bunch of drunks. But now there are new breweries opening every year and new craft beer pubs are getting very popular.

Yesterday I celebrated the beer day by going to visit the new owners of Ölvisholt Brewery, which is one of the first microbreweries in Iceland, but they had promised me few bottles of their beers and I went to pick it up (I feel that more breweries should start giving me beer to blog about).

Skjálfti from Ölvisholt
Skjálfti from Ölvisholt also had a birthday 1. March, 8 years since he first came to market


Last night I went to an opening of Ægisgarður, which is the newest addition to the beer culture in Iceland. Ægisgarður is going to focus on offering groups a place to visit and gain some knowledge about beer, wine and strong alcohol and also to have some fun together. I am quiet sure that this is going to be popular for companies to take their staff and build up a stronger groups.

The place really looks good, nothing to fancy but cool looking place. I am not sure who designed the place but I thought of the look that they have in Bjórgarðurinn. This place is partly owned by the Viking Brewery which is a local macro brewery, but they also brew the Einstök beer, so last night they only offered beers from those breweries and few others that Viking Brewery is importing.




In Ægisgarður there is also a brewery that is able to brew 2000 liter batches, and when I talked to one of the owners last night he told me that they might even rent out the brewery week by week, which is a great news, because that makes it easier for people with brewery dreams to start up their contract brewery and brew their dreams.

It is going to be interesting to see how this place is going to grow and if this is going to start some contract breweries here in the Icelandic craft beer scene.

Congratulation Ægisgarður with this new place, let me know when I should come and brew my beers on your set up.






Top 5 Beers – The Annual Icelandic Beer Festival 2016

In the Annual Icelandic Beer Festival Beer Festival 2016 there are going to be 6 international breweries and 8 Icelandic breweries participating.

Read more about it here

I found a list of beers that is going to be served by the international breweries, you can find the full list on my Facebook page here.

I decided to make a Top 5 list over the beers that I would try (Still waiting for someone to give me a ticket) Continue reading Top 5 Beers – The Annual Icelandic Beer Festival 2016

The Annual Icelandic Beer Festival 2016

the annual Icelandic beer festival 2016

The Annual Icelandic beer festival 2016 is going to start February 24 in Kex Hostel in Reykjavík and it will be for four days.

This year the Icelandic nation is celebrating that it is 27 years since beer was legalised in Iceland, there is going to be a four day beer festival for this reason at Kex Hostel in Reykjavík.

It is hard to imagine how young the beer culture is in Iceland but aready  we have few really interesting breweries, though it is always possible to do better.

I think that the new Icelandic craft beer pubs are going to play a big part getting this culture to the next level, and of course festivals like this one.

Craft beer bars to check out in Reykjavík:

  • Skúli Craft bar
  • Mikkeller and Friends Reykjavík
  • Bryggjan
  • Microbar
  • Kaldi Bar

The Annual Icelandic Beer Festival 2016

In the Annual Icelandic Beer Festival Beer Festival 2016 there are going to be 6 international breweries and 8 Icelandic breweries participating.


Wednesday, February 24

Tasting session between 17:00 – 19:00 at KEX Hostel

Kaldi (IS)
Segull 67 Brewery Brugghús (IS)
Ölvisholt (IS)
The Commons Brewery (US)
Alefarm Brewing

New Brewery Of The Year 2015
New Brewery Of The Year 2015

Thursday, February 25 

Tasting session between 17:00 – 19:00 at KEX Hostel

Einstök Icelandic Craft Ale & Víking Ölgerð (IS)
Mikkeller (DK)
To Øl (DK)

Friday, February 26

Tasting session between 17:00 – 19:00 at KEX Hostel

Borg Brugghús/ Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson (IS
Bryggjan Brugghús (IS)
pFriem Family Brewers (US)
Surly Brewing Company (US)

Saturday, February 27

Meet the brewer – Workshop in Gym & Tonic  14:00

An intimate tasting session and a chat with one of the breweries from the festival (They don’t say from which brewery!!)

Fiskislóð 73

17:00 – 19:00  –  Super session between 17:00 – 19:00
19:00 – 23:00:

Sæmundur í Sparifötunum pop up restaurant
Mikkeller & Friends Reykjavík pop up beer bar
Hverfisgata 12 pop up cocktail bar

21:00 – Concert with FM Belfast




Directions to Fiskislóð 73:

Hvalur II: Beer With Smoked Whale Testicles

Hvalur II from Steðji brewery, the picture is from Steðji facebook page
Hvalur II from Steðji brewery, the picture is from Steðji facebook page

Would you like some more of the rotten shark?

Here in Iceland there is an old heathen tradition which we celebrate, in this season then the Icelandic people come to gather and eat food that could almost kill a normal person. Then we eat for example fermented shark (it is rotten), ram’s testicles that have been sitting in a lactic acid for few months, and of course the liver pudding, blood pudding, sheep heads jam and the sheep heads are also put into lactic acid. (sounds good, right?)

Hvalur II: Who does not like the flavours of a fin whale’s testicle smoked with sheep shit?

The Icelandic breweries have also started the tradition to make a special beer for this “food festival”, one of the most famous ones is Hvalur from Steðji Brewery. This Hvalur beer has become quiet famous around the world and now they have even made it to an Beer boardgame (what is it called, send me a post Steðji). There they are along with breweries like Mikkeller, Brewdog and Evil Twin.

But back to the beer, Hvalur II is an ale which they brewed using two kinds of malt, they say they use some special berry hops (what would be your guess) and they also put fin whale testicles which they have smoked in an Icelandic traditional way, with dried sheep shit. They say also that the testicles give a nice meat after flavour.

I have not tried this beer yet but as soon as I will do so, I am going to edit this post and put my review here. I just thought the video that the Steðji Brewery posted on the making of this beer so interesting that I needed to share it with you guys.

And Steðji Brewery, I have an idea for your Hvalur III and if you need more people on your team I am looking for a job.

Please put into comments if you would be interested to try this beer.


Fenrir Sheep Shit Smoked IPA from Borg Brugghus

Fenrir Nr.26 the sheep smoked IPA from Borg Brugghus is going to be one of 60 beers in the book World Wackiest Brews, which is going to be published this year.

Fenrir is an sheep shit smoked IPA which is based on their west coast IPA Úlfur,

I have tried this beer and I will not say it is one of the best beers that I have tried, but it is for sure one of the strangest beers that I have tried, no definitely the strangest one, So I am really looking forward to see what other strange beers are going to be in this book

Check out this Youtube video where the brewmasters from Borg are telling about the beer and how they brewed it.



International Brewery of the Year 2015

The winner is not very far away from Denmark, it is a gipsy brewery…

Do you want to guess?

They have a great branding strategy!!

They have beers that when you only look at their description you are in love with them!!

Do you know who they are now?

They come from same country as Abba

The international brewery of the year 2015 is….

International brewery of the year 2015
International brewery of the year 2015

Yes you guessed right!! it is Omnipollo the great brewery from Sweden, they have it all, and I hope that I will be able to drink more of their beers in the future!!

Beer Blogger Awards: Best New Beer 2015 in Denmark

It is not complicated to choose the best new beer of the year 2015, but two days ago when I started thinking about what beer would be a winner, then I thought that this beer was from the year 2014.

The Best New Beer of The Year 2015 in Denmark is….

Best New Beer in Denmark 2015 - Batch 1000 from Amager
Best New Beer in Denmark 2015 – Batch 1000 from Amager

Batch 1000 from Amager Bryghus is just going to be put into the history books, it has it all!! This amazing Danish brewery has brewed so many good beers that I have tried.

Congratulation Amager Bryghus, keep up the good work.

What was your Best New beer of the year 2015, Danish or not?

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